Not in a bad way. Sort of like a battery that’s been used up from powering your favorite gadget. You fumble while changing the battery and it falls to the ground. It hops a bit because it’s empty. The charge is used up and the battery’s weight is significantly lighter than its fuller counterpart.

It’s drained.

Kind of like that cup of nice, refreshing mango ice tea that you splurged on earlier today. You spent 100 whole rupees on the drink, but it was worth it. The straw sits idly in your mouth as you try to savor each cool sip in the simmering Pune heat. Sweat drips down from your forehead, mingling with the flavors in your cup. Slowly, your cup grows empty as you consume the last drop of ice tea.


You finish up your chores. Today, you’re in charge of watering the plants and wiping down the dirty lightbulbs outside. You fish the hose out of the manhole and manually connect it to the water supply. As you turn on the water, the hose is immediately rejected by the spigot and water splashes all over you. Unbeknownst to you, a knot had formed in the hose and restricted the flow of water. ‘There has to be a more efficient way to do this,’ you think to yourself. To avoid getting drenched, you quickly grab the faucet handle and shut it off. It’s too late. Your shirt’s a mess. You take it off and wring out any excess liquid.

It’s drained.

You wake up one day and feel absolutely exhausted. It’s now been exactly two months since you’ve left home. In your time here, you’ve explored the various mountains, caves, and temples of the city, celebrated some of the noisiest and most colorful holidays around, and tried enough food to upset your stomach three times over. On most days, you feel pretty energetic, but today is not one of those days. Pangs of tiredness hit you. You welcome this state of fatigue; it’s been a long time coming.

You’re drained.

And satisfyingly so.

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