Ten days in India

It’s been 10 days since I’ve stepped foot on India. Here are some reflections I’ve had since this point:

I miss my own food. A lot. I’ve been craving meat everyday, and getting over my love for non-veg foods has been difficult. That being said, the vegetarian options here have been phenomenal. Just today I’ve had a banana flower stir, authentic Indian noodles, and a rice and bean curry mix. I think I’m in good hands.

I miss warm showers. Even while in the tropics, cold showers are enough to make you want to jump out of your own skin. Bucket showers are really common here, and while I enjoy dumping water on myself to release the dirt from my pores, forcing freezing water onto your body is a daunting task. 

The language barrier is real. Today, I walked in to a mobile service store, confident that I would be able to communicate the problems of my SIM card. I approached the register and raised my phone while babbling about the pop-up notifications that kept appearing on my screen. 

“Nehi English.”


I desperately tried to formulate words from the limited vocabulary I had attained from my 5 days of Hindi classes. It was no use. Within minutes, I found myself walking back home, still with a problematic phone situation at hand.

I miss my friends. Ok, this one doesn’t really count because I’d have friends I would miss anyways if I had gone to college, but I really miss them. I miss the nights of careless basketball. The days of lazy show marathoning. The meet ups at local restaurants. I miss the familiarity of it all.

I’ve made some great friends already here in India, and I can’t wait to explore the country with them, but I still think about my friends at home and I hope they do the same.

Mosquitos. Everywhere. And they only seem to bite me. Send help. If you have any tips on how to stop these micro-demons from swarming me, I will forever be indebted to you.

I took internet for granted. Want spotty WiFi wherever you are? Come to India! We have the best WiFi around (but only if you stand in a particular position in the corner of the room)! College apps are already a hassle and my efforts will have to increase if I’m going to get them done under questionable WiFi conditions.

Money goes quick. I don’t consider myself an extravagant spender, but money (even when you’re working with rupees) just seems to go out the window whenever I leave my home. At this rate, I’ll be scraping my savings for a plate of chapati in under a month.

And, of course, I miss my family. Either my family loves me and trusts me enough to live on my own in India, or they absolutely hate me and have wanted to get rid of me. Assuming it’s the first, I am eternally grateful that they’ve agreed to ship me off to India for a gap year. Nothing beats their support, and even as my home is getting battered by a hurricane, they’re always available to reassure me in my travels.

Mom and dad, I love you.
Goodbyes suck. I’ve said goodbye three different times in the past month to people I have cared deeply about, but I realize that they’re necessary for growth. Even though each one hurt equally, it was ok, for they marked steps toward an unforgettable adventure. 

So, until next time, here is another:


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