A slice of paradise

Here are some pictures of the beautiful European lands of Italy and Switzerland accompanied by short blurbs.

Venice, Italy.

Can you find Waldo? Venice is incredible. You have these hunks of man-made land housing the richest people imaginable. I definitely felt out of place here, but it was nice to enjoy a cup of cocoa while admiring the cozy atmosphere. Music here is great, too.

Rome, Italy.

Too many pictures of Rome to post, and even though this one wasn’t the prettiest, it shows the chaos and disarray that the ruins of Ancient Rome are in. Throughout the city you can see the scattered ruins of millennia old architecture. It’s impossible not to notice the juxtaposition that exists between modern buildings and the old leftovers of Ancient Rome.

Vatican City.

Art here is otherworldly. What surprised me the most were Michelangelo’s paintings. I’ve always read about his work in the Sistine Chapel and threw him aside as another Renaissance artist. Not only did his paintings blow me away from an artistic standpoint, but the sheer size of his work overwhelmed me the moment I stepped in the Sistine Chapel. Even if you don’t really appreciate art, I guarantee that you’ll appreciate Michelangelo’s paintings.

Interlaken, Switzerland.

My favorite location so far. By a mile. The weather was a perfect 65 degrees, and taking a stroll by the lake with only a windbreaker on was an unimaginable level of bliss. The houses here are old but cozy. The residents are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Not to mention the food. In my short time here, I had a warm curry soup with bread and some sausages to the side. Talk about a perfect compliment to gorgeous weather and atmosphere.

Jungfraujoch, Switzerland.

Not much to see here, but MAN was it cold. I had no idea I’d be freezing my butt off in the middle of July, but I did. I saw a couple guys take off their shirts in the snow and pose for pictures. I was already cold enough with 3 layers on, so these dudes were insane. Jungfraujoch is around 11,000 feet above sea level and the view is breathtaking. The catch is that you can only enjoy it for a few minutes before your ears start to freeze off and you have to run back inside.


Look at this gelato. Just simply delicious. Not much else I can say about this European treat. Lemon is the best flavor. No arguments allowed.

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