I’ve been facing a pretty tough decision as of late.

It’s been a constant struggle to find a happy medium between being practical and following my dreams. None of the possible outcomes are unpleasant, but I can’t help but think that taking a risk at this moment could be the best decision of my life.

Okay. Enough ambiguous text. Let me explain what’s going on.

Recently, I’ve been accepted to a program named Global Citizen Year, where, you guessed it, I would become a “global citizen” for a year. More specifically, I’d spend eight months in Pune, India teaching children under an educational organization dubbed “Teach for India.” The entire concept seems really daunting and sketchy at first, but GCY is a great program run by some amazing people, and I can’t overstate how eager I am to travel to India for this opportunity.

Sounds fantastic. Why is this a tough decision? Seems like I’m pretty set on spending the next year in India. Well, unfortunately, I had no idea that this was a possibility until around a month ago. This means I already committed to college and I’m set to start school this Fall. The biggest problem associated with this conflict?

(Insert cash noise)


Every deposit involving my commitment to college: rooming, enrollment, orientation. It’ll all be wasted. Not only that, but GCY is great but not a charity. Meaning it’ll cost a large sum for me to attend. Only financial aid will help me make this choice at this point. Unfortunately, my final financial aid statement won’t come until next week. Until then, I’ll be twiddling my thumbs, stuck in a limbo between going to college and taking a life-changing year off from school.

Hopefully, the stars align and I’ll be able to make a pressure-free decision for myself. It doesn’t seem like any choice I make will come without consequences, but you have to take risks in life. Existence is a gamble that all of us have already won, so I guess it wouldn’t hurt to keep rolling.

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